Residents of Split usually say about their city that it’s the craziest, but also the most beautiful in the world. As the second largest in Croatia, Split is a modern, vibrant city with a magnificent history. It goes all the way to ancient Greeks’ times. However, the city’s history corner stone is the Roman Emperor Diocletian who built his massive palace 17 centuries ago, exactly where Split’s city centre today lies. After reigning Roman Empire for 21 years, and gaining an important place in history, he retired to the place only few kilometres from the village where he was born, in the neighbourhood of Salona, capital of the Roman province Dalmatia. Since 1979 Diocletian’s Palace and the surrounding area of Split’s historical old town are listed on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. No wonder „Splićani“ (local term describing persons who live or originate in Split, pron. „spleechanee“) are so proud on their city, and dedicated in knowing every single detail about it.
After the age of Roman Empire, Split had grown around the Palace, going through rules of many empires and kingdoms, including Venice and Napoleon’s France. City’s centre is filled with layers of architectural and historical styles, and is still a living structure. Even within the walls of the Diocletian’s Palace people still live, bringing life into this unique monument. There, you will find the oldest cathedral in the world where the Diocletian’s mausoleum once stood, and baptistery inside the ancient Roman Jupiter’s temple. Wherever you go, you will find dozens of restaurants, bars, shops, streets bursting in life. Old fish and green markets will bring you mood, sounds, flavours and colours of ancient, but still vivid daily life. On the other hand, only few kilometres away in Split hinterland you will find numerous old villages where people still live according to traditions.


The residence of Razanj live from the sea and local fresh produce, you can experience the fish and green markets, buying fresh daily produce, just like you were a local. Cafes and restaurants are at your fingertips and only 700 metres from the Razanj Villa. There is a very popular seafood restaurant called Ladja, which is in the centre of Razanj and serves the daily catch bought directly from the local fisherman. When you are ready to explore the surroundings of Mezaroca bay you may chose to travel by bike. We can organise the hire of bikes and give suggestions of the best routes. Bike Trails connect the entire area, you can leisurely ride through the country side and take in the sea views, fresh air, and scent of lavender as you ascend the mountain of Movar, toward the old fortress, where you will watch dolphins play in the adriatic.



Every visitor to the island of Hvar falls forever in love with its astonishing godlike beauty.If you are looking for an adventure we will organize for you a jeep safari around the island, an excursion which will give you an opportunity to discover hidden old typical villages of Hvar. If you want to explore the nearby Islands of Pakleni the best way to it is to rent a jet ski or a rubber dinghy. Everything you desire on your holidays you will it here: night life of a cosmopolitan town, boat excursions, wonderful sand beaches, a conjunction of antique and modern, a drive through the lavender fields, jet ski safari, kayaking, flying with a parachute , diving, tuna fishing, motor safari. Hvar has also a small airport near Stari Grad and the island of St. Clement has a heliport. The success of tourism on the island of Hvar has been recognized by all the prizes the island gained including the recognition to be one of 5 most desirable touristic destinations of the world.Hvar is also known as island of lavender. The lavender oil is largely used in a production of perfumes and cosmetics. Lavender flourishes during June, July and August and in the period all the island is colored in violet nuances. The  island of Hvar is the island with the greatest number of sunny days in Croatia and it proudly wears the title of one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

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